HDR|InfraConsult’s senior consultants are involved in a variety of projects spanning strategy, project development and finance, facility planning and design, program management, and operation and maintenance of infrastructure facilities - specializing in complex transport programs, including mass transit, intercity rail, highways, bridges, aviation and ports.

Mike Schneider

Mike Schneider is a managing partner of InfraConsult. His 35-year career has spanned highway and toll road development, urban and intercity transit and rail, innovative financing programs, and public-private partnerships for infrastructure development throughout the world.

More » Professionally, Mike is a civil engineer, urban planner, and transport economist whose primary area of expertise is the planning and development of transportation systems and facilities. He has managed corridor studies, investment strategies, economic and financial evaluations, feasibility assessments, alternatives analyses, transportation improvement plans, and design programs that have led to the development of systems for virtually all modes of transportation.

Before founding InfraConsult, Mike served as executive vice president and an elected member of the Board of Directors of Parsons Brinckerhoff Inc. (PB). PB is the parent company of the Parsons Brinckerhoff Group, which incorporated seven principal operating subsidiaries. Mr. Schneider also served as director of professional practice, responsible for coordinating and integrating the multitude of professional practice areas and technical disciplines offered by the firm's 9,000 professionals who operate through a worldwide network of over 250 offices. In this capacity, Mike served as one of the three principal officers in the enterprise holding company, PB Inc. Mr. Schneider was also founder and president, and then chairman, of PB Consult, PB?s global management consulting subsidiary.

Throughout his successful business and entrepreneurial activities, Mr. Schneider remained firmly rooted in his professional practice, authoring some 75 publications and juried publications in the fields of finance, technology, planning, transport, project delivery and management. He maintains an enviable list of clients spanning government, industry, academia and global business. Mike is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and a lecturer at universities and academic institutions, and is active in local civic and community affairs, including serving as a Transportation Commissioner in his residential town of Laguna Beach, California. He was recently appointed to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA)-sponsored industry Task Force on Public-Private Partnerships in Transit.

Alan Wulkan

Alan Wulkan is a managing partner of InfraConsult. Alan has been in the forefront of new start transit system development in the United States for more than 30 years. He has been involved with the development and management of new start rail, bus, and automated guideway projects.

More » He is nationally recognized for his work in Washington, D.C. on legislative issues affecting the transit industry and he receives numerous national and local requests to discuss transportation issues.

Mr. Wulkan?s past experience included serving as Senior Vice President and Transit Industry Director with Parsons Brinckerhoff; Executive Director of the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority in Austin, Texas; and Director of Intergovernmental Administration for the Metro Dade Transportation Administration in Miami, Florida.

Recently, Alan was appointed to national Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission Blue Ribbon Panel of Transportation Experts. He is also very involved in the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), currently serving as Chair of the SAFETEA-LU Reauthorization Task Force and as Chair of the Business Members Board of Governors. Previously, he served as a member of APTA?s Executive Committee. APTA awarded him the ?Business Member Outstanding Contribution Award? in 1999. He is a two-time Past President of the Arizona Transit Association and was awarded the AzTA ?Transit Individual of the Year? in 1997. He served two terms as president of the Metropolitan Phoenix chapter of the Women?s Transportation Seminar. He is also a past Chairman of the Board of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce and one of the chief architects of the Chamber?s support for passed transit sales tax increases in the Cities of Tempe and Phoenix.

Professional Staff

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Public Involvement & Communications
Jessica Amend
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Jessica Blazina
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Debra Boehlke
Public Involvement & Communications
Teri Argabright
Tolling and Transportation Systems
Jeannie Belding
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Rail Transit Project Management
Michael Bogonovich
Systems Engineer
Albert Bonifacio, PE, CQA
Quality Assurance
Ken Caswell
Architectural Program Management
Elizabeth Crenshaw
Outreach and Governmental Relations
James G. "JD" Douglas
Traffic and Transportation Planning
Larry Engleman
Transit Safety and Security
Lorenzo Garrido
Engineering and Construction Management
Robert Garin
Highway and Toll Road Concessions
Karen Gast
Configuration Management
Rainer Hombach
Rail Systems Manager
Kern Jacobson
Infrastructure Development and Public-Private Partnerships
Tom Jenkins
Transit Development and Program Management
Mit Jha
Transportation Forecasting and Modeling
Donna L. Lloyd
Laurie Mahon
Infrastructure Finance
Wendy Mendez
Finance and Administration
Henry Miranda
Safety and Security Manager
Debbie Moffett
Joanna Morsicato
Senior Environmental Manager
T.W. "Wes" Mott
Contracts and Financial Management
Laura Ray
Strategic Planning and Capital Project Development
Stephanie "Tesse" Rasmussen
Transportation Planning and Engineering
Susan Robbins, AICP
Urban and Environmental Planning
Duane Sayers
Rail Transit Operations
Rashid Shaik
Transit Power and Systems Integration
Jurgen Sumann
Rail Transit Systems
Lisa Varney
Project Controls


Simon Zweighaft

Alan Wulkan

Simon Zweighaft is a managing partner of InfraConsult. He is a senior project manager with 38 years of experience in virtually every element of transit program management and project implementation. His experience managing large programs is solidly supported by many years

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of technical experience including preliminary design, environmental impact studies, planning, design criteria, consultant selection, contract management, final design, and construction administration for major automated guideway transit, light rail, and heavy rail transit projects. Simon is a hands-on manager whose expertise has been applied to multiple projects in the United States and around the world. He has also published numerous technical publications and designed and taught a graduate course taken by civil engineering and geography students as an introduction to the principles of planning rail transit systems at State University of New York at Buffalo.

Simon is a civil engineer registered in five states and he has been a project manager for the design of several very large mass transportation projects including the Miami Metrorail and People Mover Systems, the Los Angeles Blue Line Light Rail System, the Baltimore Central Line, the London Docklands Light Railway and the Hudson Bergen Light Rail line. Simon has a substantial background in Design-Build procurement system for public transportation projects. In 1980 to 1984 he was project manager for the Miami Downtown People Mover project, the first major design-build urban transit system constructed in the U.S. in recent years. From 1994 through 1996 Simon held the position of president of a major worldwide bridge engineering firm headquartered in San Francisco.